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Thanks to all of you for answering my surveys. The information is a great resource for me. I use the statistics to help guide me in making decisions on issues.

I know many of you had problems with the online version and I do apologize. I was told two years ago this was a great system used by the Office of Administration for our benefit. It has yet to work well and this was my third attempt. Surveys are still coming in and must be hand entered, so I too wish the system would work as I only have one staff member.

And it begins!

On January 9th I was sworn in for my second term as your State Representative. It was an emotional moment to be standing at my desk in the wonderful, historic House Chamber and repeating the oath of office. It is quite the responsibility to represent 36,000 — 37,000 people, awesome in the very real sense of the word, and at the same time humbling to think about where you are and what you need to do. It is a very serious business; however one must be careful to not take themselves too seriously. The anger and frustration at what we are unable to do can easily become difficult to handle and one can cause one to become totally ineffective.
Committee Assignments
The committee structure for the house has been reorganized this year. In the past Appropriations Committees reported to the Budget Committee. All other bills passed through the Rules committee and then to the House. Now we have 42 standing committees; with each one reporting bills to one of 13 select committees prior to being heard in the House. That is a total of 55 committees!

I'm beginning this term by serving on two Select Committees:
  • Social Services — oversees Children and Families, Health, Mental Health Policy and Veterans
  • Agriculture — oversees Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources
And two Standing Committees that will report bills to them:
  • Children and Families (ranking member) — reporting bills to the Social Services Select Committee
  • Conservation and Natural Resources — reporting bills to the Agriculture Select Committee
I still sit on the Sub-Committee on Child Abuse Reporting and Investigating as well.

In addition, I have also been elected to serve as Chair of The Missouri Children's Services Commission.

Over 500 bills have been introduced thus far, and I don't know which ones will be assigned to committee or gain priority. I will let you know more when things become more clear.
Loyalty to petrified opinion never broke a chain or freed a human soul.

— Mark Twain —
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